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Poetry and broken things

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    Poetry and broken things

    A crack, a break, a line of despair
    A mother mourns - no way to repair
    Creamy white ivory rimmed in red
    The coffee cup is now dead

    I may have cried (just a little) about my broken coffee cup that has brought me caffeinated happiness every morning for the last 2 years, but I do have to admire the little verse that was born from it's demise. My kids had fun changing around the patterns and working with the words, and now my daughter is sketching out a graphic version. So, I guess, pain and suffering can bring about joy?

    BUT if anyone has a MP cup that they would like to part with...
    Peace and all good,

    DD, 24, public K-12 and baby stepping toward independence.
    DS, 17, dual enrollment with local community college.
    DS, 15, MPOA Latin, mix of everything else.
    DD, 13, MPOA Latin, mix of everything else.
    DD, 07, MP1/MP2

    "Pray, hope, and don't worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer."
    ~ Saint. Padre Pio

    Re: Poetry and broken things

    I’m sorry about your mug but I really enjoyed the poem!

    DS 8th grade MP, CTP & IEW
    DD 3rd grade MP
    DD 2nd grade MP
    DD 7th grade away school
    DD Sophomore away school


      Re: Poetry and broken things


      So sorry

      My first one never made it past the airport driveway.

      My second one didn’t make it past one of my children unloading the dishwasher.

      Now I have several because of a conference I did a year ago...if you PM your address, I can mail it to you. But it is maroon...not cream.

      Unless MP has some blue ones leftover from this year?

      16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
      DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
      DS, 17
      DD, 15
      DD, 13
      DD, 11
      DD, 9
      DD, 7
      DS, 2