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    Flashcard Organization?

    How do you organize/store your flashcards for use during the year? I just got all these wonderful packages and flashcards in the mail, but I'm afraid to open the shrink wrap. Where do you put them so they don't get mixed up and lost all over the house?

    Re: Flashcard Organization?

    I think the below post will provide you with a bunch of answers

    Originally posted by RunnerJoy View Post
    Organizing Flashcards has been the topic of many threads! I’m going to link you to a few with great ideas.
    The last one is specific to Phonics. HTH!


      Re: Flashcard Organization?

      In addition to the other threads about organization of the cards, I will add this practical tip. Once you have used the cards for the week (they should be on display all week for that visual), file themback in numerical order. This habit will make finding those cards next time they are referenced, and they will be referenced again, much easier!

      Michelle T.


        Re: Flashcard Organization?

        I do a little bit different organization. The phonics cards and math flashcards are separate, but the rest, I divided up by week. Then I put them in little notecard boxes with dividers labeled with the week. I also wrote all the recitation questions for the week on a card and have that in the box as well. Mine is in a lower grade, so this may only work for lower grades. The first year I had it divided between two boxes with 15 weeks in one and the rest in the other. This year it will be three boxes. It might work for individual subjects in the older grades.
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          Re: Flashcard Organization?

          Here's my set up for my 4th grader. I used a 6qt "shoebox" container from Dollar General. Since most of the MP flashcards are smaller than index cards, I used index cards for dividers (I did have to cut them down when I stood them up vertically). I do have some alphabetized index card dividers mixed in (from an unrelated project) to separate subjects, but I turned them around so it's just a blank color tab with no letter.

          Each subject has 3 sections: new, review, and future. Future is for those lessons yet to be done. New is for things learned in the new lesson for that week and often for the previous week. Review is all other cards previously studied. We usually go through the review tab once a week, either all in one go or half the stack 2 days a week. If there is a review card missed consistently, I'll move it back to the new section, which is studied 4-5 times a week.

          It looks a bit messy, but we did something similar last year and it works well once you get going.
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            Re: Flashcard Organization?

            These are all great recommendations so far. We have a Really Useful Box, that would hold something the size of the art cards (or other publisher History cards) and I have all subjects in different directions. It works for now, but I'm looking for better ideas as I have slowly updated to the newer MP cards from the older perforated ones. So far they are mostly the same size except for the Bible verses...
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              Re: Flashcard Organization?

              Thank you so much, everyone! There are so many great ideas here! Now I just have to choose one.