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2nd grade read-alouds guide

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    2nd grade read-alouds guide

    We are starting with a partial memoria press curriculum in August. Prima Latina, literature and read-alouds. I see there are lessons plans for the Prima Latina and literature sections but what about the read-alouds? Is there a lesson plan for them? Is in the Enrichment module? Thanks!

    Re: 2nd grade read-alouds guide

    If you buy the enrichment guide, the read alouds are scheduled in it. If you are only doing the read alouds and not coordinating social studies/science/poetry/music/art, then you just read a book a week.

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      Re: 2nd grade read-alouds guide

      If you can afford purchasing the enrichment guide it is very much worth the money! It will not only schedule the read-alouds according to the season but it will also include poetry, music, art, and books for further reading on science, history, and culture. It's basically a unit study a week based loosely around the read-aloud book and a great touch to any homeschool!
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        Re: 2nd grade read-alouds guide

        I just wanted to chime in to second what Jessica said. We love the entire enrichment guide and how the components become a part of our family culture. If you have younger or older students (to a point), they will enjoy it too.

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          Re: 2nd grade read-alouds guide

          Another vote for the Enrichment guide. DD is starting MP2 this fall, and I've thoroughly reviewed many of the weeks to get a lay of the land. I'm a former HS English teacher; analyzing literature runs in my blood! Having read the Enrichment guide, I'm very impressed with the level of analysis, especially in the poetry section.

          The process with the read-alouds is to read them once each day, looking at different aspects in each reading, even the illustrations that go along with the text. So, getting lesson plans for the read alouds would only be necessary if you were trying to sync it up with all their other great components (like art cards, science/supplemental books, poetry). We had the coolest diversions during a reading of Miss Rumphius (MP1)--reading an article about newspaper sticks and how they forced people to read the totality of news on a page and not fold a page over to hide points of view they disagreed with--that sent us to maps, articles, and stirred deep discussions about whether God needs humans at all to make the world a beautiful place.

          Oddly enough, we weren't doing all of MP2 either....and then the books arrived...

          I had purchased ALL of the worktexts, spines, experiment books, readers, etc for a different science, and now I'm dropping that and have ordered Patterns of Nature. I was so stirred by the cohesiveness of the Enrichment guide that I bought all the Science/Supplemental read-alouds for K-2!! We also had SOTW Vol 2 ready, and we're just going to do read it over the summer and do Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans in the fall. I have LoE Essentials, and I can't even see how we'd fit it all in. The literature guide alone is so comprehensive, it just makes everything else look unnecessary. So, then I bought the Copybook Cursive, New American Cursive and Traditional Spelling 2. We also planned to do Horizons Math 2....and I sold it for a loss and bought R&S Arithmetic 2. That's another post. Anyways...MP stole my heart....and now we have the whole kit & caboodle. LOL
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            Re: 2nd grade read-alouds guide

            Don't worry, MP recommends your reading SOTW One summer.

            The Enrichment Guides are one of my favorite parts of the lower grammar school grades from Memoria Press. If you're gonna buy anything, I recommend them!

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