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Latin CD Request

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  • tanya
    Re: Latin CD Request


    We will look into this further. I'm not sure what kind of editing we can do, but we'll certainly give it a try.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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  • Angela
    started a topic Latin CD Request

    Latin CD Request

    We are so spoiled by our MP materials that I kind of hate to ask for any more "fine tuning" of products that are already so great!

    That said, I do want to throw out a request that the audio CD for Fourth Form Latin be re-made in the same format as the one for TFL. We utilize these CDs a ton and absolutely loved the format of TFL, especially the brief quizzes on the vocabulary for each lesson. I was a bit disappointed to find that 4FL's CD is only the pronunciation of the words without definitions, grammar forms, or those neat little quizzes. To be honest, we're usually fairly solid on the pronunciation of new words by now since we've been taught so well throughout the series. We use the CDs more as a daily recitation of new material, and I'd love to be able to continue using them this way!