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Pre-K issue (small, minor complaint)

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    Pre-K issue (small, minor complaint)

    We just finished the second alphabet book with my preschooler, our last thing to finish before our summer break. And the very last page had them filling in the missing consonants in CVC words. Ok, great, he can do this! Except, the very last one, the very last thing we did before breaking for summer, had a picture of a saw. So it had _a_ and he had to fill in the s and the w. How on earth would he know a W went in that spot? He can't sound that out yet! So instead of ending our year on a high note we ended with something he couldn't do

    Now, I fully admit that we didn't use the entire preschool program so maybe the "aw" phonogram was taught elsewhere in it, but I don't think so? I'm thinking this was just an oops and that it could be corrected at the next printing?

    Re: Pre-K issue (small, minor complaint)

    Thank you for sharing this! I can see how this would be confusing. We do not introduce the “aw” sound in Junior Kindergarten so you didn’t miss it. We will get this changed!

    Michelle T