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    After Visual Latin

    My grade 5 daughter loves Visual Latin with Dwane Thomas -- I'm pretty sure he's made Latin her favourite subject. Has anyone else used VL? Did you used it in addition to a MP latin program, or did you switch over afterwards? I'm trying to map out how this will work...

    Re: After Visual Latin

    This is just my personal experience; I'm sure someone else will chime in with more official guidance.

    My 5th and 7th graders did 1/2 of Visual Latin 1 last year. They liked it -- Dwane is funny and the lessons are entertaining, but the material moved too quickly for them to retain much. They do remember a lot of the vocabulary but not the grammar. I am moving them over to First Form Latin this year. There will likely be some vocabulary review but I want them to solidify their understanding of the grammar. I am working ahead of them and I just did the first two lessons of First Form Latin. There is plenty in there that they have not yet learned.

    I'd rather go through FFL quickly to make sure there are no gaps than move prematurely to SFL and struggle.
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