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Introduction to Classical Studies or Year 5?

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    Introduction to Classical Studies or Year 5?

    Hello, this is my first post here although I've been on Facebook groups. We've used Sonlight then Seton and are incorporating/swapping out some things for MP. I have 5 kids ages 8-16 who are moving to grades 3, 5, 8, 8, 9 with high functioning autism or dyslexia, as well as visual and auditory processing disorders.

    My oldest is finishing Seton grade 6/7 books and I'm wondering if I should just start her at Year 5 in Classical Studies (as website suggests) or if I can do Introduction to Classical Studies with ALL of them, giving enrichment/honors assignments to the older three. We've gotten away from read alouds and I was thinking of using The Story of the World during long car rides, along with Introduction to Classical Studies to bring us together as a family again, not just scattering to their own quiet places and working independently (which is fine too). If I do Introduction to Classical Studies, because I have the youngers, should I get the flashcards that go along with the Greek myths and Men of Rome?

    Thank you for thoughts,

    Re: Introduction to Classical Studies or Year 5?


    Intro to Classical Studies covers a lot of material in a year. I'm wondering if you wouldn't be better served to take a semester to focus on Greek Myths and another semester for Famous Men of Rome. Would you students do better with one study at a time? Then, Christian Studies I would take a year, so you wouldn't have to go through the entire Bible in a year. For Intro to CS, you will be reading Greek Myths, FMR, and the Bible simultaneously. If you feel your students would do fine with that, I do think using the flashcards would be of help and provide you with a good review tool.

    Either way you go, your students will get a nice introduction to classical history. You might want to post on our Struggling Students Forum. You could get more specific help with the issues your students have. I'm not capable of help with that, but Cheryl Swope and all her helpers on there are awesome!