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Opportunity to hear Tracy Lee Simmons on Wednesday July 11th at HLS Louisville

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    Opportunity to hear Tracy Lee Simmons on Wednesday July 11th at HLS Louisville

    I have great news for you Louisville locals and those near enough to drive in for an evening session!

    Wednesday, July 11
    6:00 p.m. Reception | 6:30 p.m. Lecture
    Admission is free to the public.

    “The Fruits by Which We’ll Know Them”
    by Tracy Lee Simmons

    Many know what a classical education consists of by now–the rigorous reading, the drills, the slow progress that often doesn’t feel like progress while it’s happening. And we know the frustration–and sometimes tears–accompanying a classical training of the hard, honest kind. But what might the product of that training in excellence look like clothed on young people a few years later when they stand on the brink of adulthood? Which virtues are they likely to practice, which vices to avoid? Such are the themes Tracy will take up in his lecture.

    Highlands Latin School Gymnasium
    10901 Shelbyville Road
    Louisville, Kentucky, 40243

    This talk will be part of the CLSA Teacher Training and those in town for the pre-conference day of training on Wednesday are invited to linger for this opportunity!
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

    2021-2022 • 12th year HSing • 10th year MP
    DS 12th • AP Latin online, DE Calculus & Physics, HLN - Headed to Hillsdale College next fall
    DD 10th • HLN, Latin online
    DD 7th • HLN & Home
    DS 4th • HLN & Home
    Me • Third Form for Adults, MPOA; Memoria College

    Teaching TFL and co-directing @
    Highlands Latin Nashville Cottage School, est. 2016