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    Pre-conference Selection

    I would appreciate some help in choosing a pre-conference track for Sodalitas. I’ve been through the FFL and SFL classes. My eldest is entering TFL and Chreia/Maxim, but he will take those classes at cottage school. That means I am not responsible for the bulk of the teaching in those classes, hooray! I do help at home as needed and I understand that both classes ramp up quite a bit. TFL intimidates me, because I do not know Latin I wonder if I could really understand the class. Composition would be helpful, but I think I signed up for a breakout session on it. I know I attended one last year about Composition. The third choice would be Jane Eyre, simply because I think it would be enjoyable. Any thoughts/ insights are appreciated.
    Joyfully, Courtney
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    Re: Pre-conference Selection

    Sitting in the literature class was so fun last year. It was such a treat to have someone who really loves classic lit to teach it, and to have a lot of other ladies to discuss the book with and hear their insights.

    It was like a relaxing day of a book club with all the best people.

    I can't do the pre-conference this year, but that's what I would do if I could and I didn't have any pressing needs for other instruction.
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      Re: Pre-conference Selection

      I'm going to agree with Jodi. If you are taking things Monday and Tuesday that focus on you bring equipped as a teacher, then Wednesday's literature class is a treat for yourself if you can swing it. I loved that session last year. Tanya had to come get us and make us go to lunch!
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