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First Form Latin Question

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    First Form Latin Question

    I'm working on daily lesson plans for the upcoming year. FFL. I have the (1) student text, (2) student workbook. also the quiz/text book and the teacher book, flash cards, etc... However, the workbook seems to be the only one with pages for written practice. i know it is set up differently than Latina Christiana, but last year with LC we had the text/workbook, review worksheet book AND Ludere book, so there was a lot of practice. Is the student workbook the only written practice that goes with this FFL set, or am I missing something? We will likely add the Lingua Angelica as in the syllabus. Also, if this is it, does FFL actually take people less time each day than LC did (if you completed all of the companion books for LC as we did.) Once we got the rhythm, we spent about 45 minutes daily on LC last year. I'm picturing less written work with FFL, but having to spend more time coming up with practice exercises on my own. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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    Re: First Form Latin Question

    Hi Nicole!

    You are correct that all the daily written practice is in the Workbook for FFL. But don’t worry! It is plenty! Each day you will have at least one, sometimes two, sections of the workbook to do. Plus, children need to be spending a great bit of time mastering the vocabulary, grammar forms, and grammar questions through daily drill. Keep in mind that LC was still an introduction to learning Latin, and now you are starting out on the real deal. It’s a great course, and you don’t need to add anything.

    I had intended to do LA along with it too, but when it was our first time through, we had enough to do to learn the Latin. Now that I have tailgate it a couple of times I could probably add it in, but it’s ok if you don’t end up getting to it.

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      Re: First Form Latin Question

      Good morning Nicole,

      As Sarah wrote, all of the written work for First Form Latin is included in the one Workbook. However, the amount of work per lesson is certainly more than in the LC Student Text and Review Worksheets combined. Additionally, new grammar concepts are taught more frequently (one per lesson) than in LC, which often devoted two lessons per concept. Thus, students will need more time for drilling their vocabulary, grammar forms, and grammar questions than they did in LC.

      Of course, if you wish to spend more time on Latin, Lingua Angelica is a great option. It is a supplement, though, so don't feel you have to include it if FFL is challenging enough on its own.