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    PL Flashcards

    Could I submit a request for MP to produce PL flashcards that only have PL words on them? Like a smaller set, not the combined set with LC?
    This would be so nice to organizing teaching materials and student book packages for my cottage school. It's nice to have materials that are course-specific.
    Thank you for considering it!
    Mom to DS1 (11, 6th), DS2 (9, 4th), DS3 (6, 2nd), and DD (3, JrK).

    Highlands Latin Phoenix Cottage School

    Re: PL Flashcards

    Hey, Laura.

    We have considered that before, as you can imagine! The problem is that the PL words are all in LC, so if you bought both sets, you would have lots of duplicates, and that doesn't seem fair to ask people to purchase. And if we don't include the duplicates in the LC cards, new users who didn't do PL would have to buy the PL and LC cards, and that seems a bit much to ask to.

    We just can't find a perfect solution for this problem!