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Combining for Enrichment

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    Combining for Enrichment

    I have a couple of questions about combining for enrichment. I've had two years with my oldest (K and 1st). The youngers have done read alouds with us but not much else. Now my middle one will start K and I'm thinking through how this will work.

    1) Does she just jump into the bible stories where we are for MP2 and then wait on the Old Testament until the following year, or do you read the weekly story separately for each grade? We don't memorize the copybook verses because they do Awana verses, so I don't think that will matter. It's really just the weekly reading/discussion.

    2) Art Cards--For my older we've continued reviewing cards from K and 1st flashcard style during recitation. At this point with 60 or so cards we have grouped work by the same artist, then I have it divided into 4 sets so each day we're quickly going through about 15 cards. So does the K student get the 2nd grade art cards also and start her own set, or do you just have your upcoming kids join in even though they don't know all the other art? We like having them continue each year and by artist, so I don't think I can keep the new ones separate for the K to only work with those. Should I just get another set? Is there a better system I'm missing?

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    Re: Combining for Enrichment

    It would be fine for your rising K’er to jump into second grade enrichment. Many families, actually most, use only one enrichment from K, 1st, or 2nd each year. This assumes that you will cycle through them. The Bible time in K-2 is just exposure for these little ones. They will study the Old and New Testaments again beginning in 3rd. Kudos to you for memorizing the Art information! We also use that as exposure and to help set the palate. So again it would be just fine for your child to begin with 2nd grade art and later cycle through K and 1st.

    Joyfully, Courtney
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      Re: Combining for Enrichment

      As the previous post indicates, it is perfectly fine to have a kindergarten student participate in the 2nd grade enrichment. Many of our families combine their children into one primary level enrichment. This allows not only for time saving but also enhances the discussions because there are more participants. Your K'er should have no trouble with the 2nd grade level enrichment topics. My only suggestion is to drop the Language Lessons for the K'er or consider just letting him listen to that portion rather than actively participate.


      Michelle T