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    Next year will be my second year homeschooling. For our first year I haven’t been very organized, have curriculum from about 20 different companies. Memoria Press is my favorite of those we have tried and I have been considering seriously just doing the kits for next year for my 6 and 8 year old.

    I’m not sure we can afford it. It’s so tempting to buy all the kits for each grade. I should shouldn’t I? In the agenda book does the assignments include things from the science and read aloud sets?

    My question is I’m looking at the curriculum and though my kids have been doing K and 1-2 work this year, should I go ahead and do K and 2 again for next year? I’m looking and it seems like if I went to 1 and 3 there is a lot we didn’t cover from Memoria Press curriculum. I don’t think they would be bored, it all looks like new material to them.

    My other question is, will the guides and kits be able to start me off on full time Memoria Press with confidence in how to do it? I really want to be more organized next year. Is there something else I ought to read to get even more prepared?


    Re: New User Questions

    I'm sure you'll get other great replies, but I just wanted to chime in to say that the curriculum guides are incredibly open-and-go, with teaching guidelines for each subject.

    I'm not sure what grade your kids would be in, but a lot of families combine kids for the enrichment. Also, many of the read-aloud selections are available at the library or used on amazon, and you could save money that way.

    Hope that helps, and welcome!

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      Re: New User Questions

      Welcome! I came to MP at third and first grade for my oldest kids. You are so early to game and you have almost all the grades ahead of you!

      Could you share when they have birthdays and how they've done with work this year (reading ok? Needs work? Math skills, cursive?), etc? What have you used from MP so far? Have you read up on the longer-term vision of the MP curriculum through high school? In other words, do you like the looks of where MP takes you?

      Congratulations on finishing your first year at home!
      Festina lentē,
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