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Moving into LC1 from PL -- supplements and extras?

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    Moving into LC1 from PL -- supplements and extras?

    We should finish up Prima Latina next week, and my LC1 materials arrived today. DS and I were both so excited! But looking through, I'm wondering now if I made a mistake not ordering Famous Men of Rome. He's in first grade, and we're doing Story of the World (v1) this year. Will I be missing an opportunity if I don't include FMoR? Would it be over his head?

    Also, where does Lingua Angelica -- the workbook part -- fit into the scheme of things? We've been listening to and enjoying the CD since we started PL, but I have not ordered the workbooks. Do they fit in after we've finished LC1? After LC2? Do we add them in as a regular supplement after some point in one of those books? Since he's young, should I just wait and use it as a bridge between LC and a more advanced grammar?


    Famous Men of Rome

    First, congratulations on your sucess in Prima Latina. It sounds like you are off to a great start.

    We added a short Famous Men of Rome study guide to Latina Christiana because many parents teach them both at the same time. It adds a little excitement to Latin if you are studying the heros of Roman culture at the same time.

    Because your son is in first grade, you have plenty of time to study Roman history as you progress in your Latin studies. I wouldn't interrupt your progress this year. Just plan it into a future year.

    Lingua Angelica is designed to be used over several years. While the students are starting Latin, you just play the CD and have them start memorizing the hymns.

    Once you get towards the end of Latina Christiana I, you should pick up the student book and teacher manual so that you can have your son start learning vocabulary and translating the easy lines from the prayers & hymns.

    In Latina Christiana II, your son will really begin to translate entire hymns, and it should serve as a great translation course all the way through Henle II or III.
    Brian Lowe