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Written vs. Verbal Answers to wkb assignments

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    Written vs. Verbal Answers to wkb assignments

    I'm wondering if it is okay to have my 8 yr. old son give verbal answers to some of the questions in the workbook for Latina Christiana II? He is above grade level in language arts and has done well with Prima Latina and LCI. However, his writing skills are not advanced. He can give me the answer verbally quite quickly, but it takes him FOREVER to complete the written exercises. (We have actually had this problem for each level. We began Prima Latina 2nd semester of 1st grade.) Is it important for him to write the answers to every question, or could I require that he give me a verbal answer, to 1/2 or 1/3 of the exercises?

    I'm just trying to save time. If it's critical that he write out all the answers, then it may take us more than 9 months (one school year) to complete the book. I realize this may not necessarily be a bad thing. I'm just trying to have reasonable expectations.

    Thanks for your help.

    I allow my 6yo dd to dictate at least some answers in subjects where she is working significantly above grade level. It's just a matter of time before her small motor skills catch up. I'd say go for it!


      There is no problem from the perspective of learning Latin to do this, in fact, it would probably be ideal to do it both ways: oral and written. However, for larger academic reasons it would be wise at some point to get your student writing faster, and the only way he can do that is through practice.

      Also, don't feel bad about taking 2 years instead of 1 with the Latina II book.

      Martin Cothran


        Thank you

        Thanks for the info. I keep telling my son "practice, practice, practice." He has more tolerance for writing at age 8 than he did at age 6, for sure.

        We loved the Prima Latina and Christiana I books. I've recommended Memoria Press to several friends.

        Thanks for responding to my question!