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LCII Lesson VIII Exercise Question

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    LCII Lesson VIII Exercise Question

    My question for LCII Lesson VIII Ex. B. question 2 is about the case ending for Discipulos. That portion of the sentence: for the students. Since Dative is the "for" case, shouldn't it be Discipulis? But dative is also the indirect object case, and "students" are the direct objects, aren't they? I'm completely confused.
    -Hannah Parker, Age 11

    Lesson 8, B2

    Hannah, did you ever receive an answer to your question? Our class will be on Lesson 8 next week. I don't know the answer, and I'm sure it will cause our class a problem. Also, you didn't mention a problem with the word "exspectabat," I can't remember that word. I know "ex" (out of) and "spectabat" (was looking at?) but don't know how it relates to the word given in the teacher's book, "waiting."