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Please tell me how to pronounce this word

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    Please tell me how to pronounce this word

    Please, please tell me how to correctly pronounce the number 6 in Latin.

    With a short "e" or with a short "i"???

    We have the CD and it is hard to tell, as it sounds sort of in between "e" and "i."

    This word is giving my kids fits of laughter - and yes, they are at the age where this word (with a short "e") is just the funniest word in the world to say.

    Please tell me the correct way to say this word, so my kids can stop giggling over this.

    Thank you!

    Sue, mom of 4

    The number six

    We just had this lesson on the DVD today and my son, too, thought it was hilarious. I think we were both relieved when she pronounced it as a long a! Phonetically it would be pronounced 'sakes'

    Hope it helps!


      Check this one for more tutorial:online schools for Latin language


        Unfortunately, there is no getting around this one. I think it's just one of those lessons you learn as a part of growing up. I know how you feel though, since I always feel funny when I teach the numbers.

        I guess it's the same kind of thing as when they discover the Song of Solomon: you just have to use it as an opportunity to help them mature.