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Henle I quo and ubi, ex 329 and 330

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    Henle I quo and ubi, ex 329 and 330

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    My question is abou the use of quo and ubi in subordinate clauses. In exercise 329 #2 the English reads: They knew where they had been led. Why is the answer Sciverunt quo ducti essent instead of Sciverunt ubi duct essent?

    #6 is the same thing. The English is He knows where yehy are being led. Can you use ubi instead of quo?

    In Exercise 330 #3 Quo suddenly means where while I though it should mean which (The sentence is Num scis quo legati missi sint? Why is it You don't know where the lieutenants were sent, do you? Instead of You don't know which lieutenants were sent, do you?)

    Could you point me to the grammar rules that will help clarify these points? Thanks so much
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