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PL lesson 2 & 3 Vocab. Question

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    PL lesson 2 & 3 Vocab. Question

    Greetings! I am a definite 'newbie' when it comes to Latin and we have a question about the word for 'Heaven'.

    In lesson 2 of Prima Latina the vocab. word is 'caelum' for heaven....but, then right away in lesson 3 in learing the Sanctus......we see Heaven as 'Pleni'? At least that is how it looks to me. I'm sorry for such a stupid question so early on....but, any insight would be helpful. Thank You!!!

    The English translation does not follow the word order of Latin, so "pleni" does not correspond to "heaven," even though it's the first word in the line. It means "full of."

    In PL it's not so important for the students to be able to translate the prayers word for word. If they can translate each line as a whole, that's fine. The grammar will come later on in their Latin studies.

    Good luck!