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    Book of Trees Question

    Hey all! We're doing the Book of Trees and Biology for my 6th grader and I'm not sure how to incorporate this beautiful "The Tree Book" that's illustrated that came with the set. Any suggestions? It doesn't specifically reference it in the lesson plans so I'm struggling to figure out which sections go with where we are in the actual main text.


    Re: Book of Trees Question


    I believe that in our classrooms, the teachers use the first part of this book when it lines up with their studies in The Book of Trees. For example, when they are studying bark, they will pull out The Tree Book as a supplement. The back part of The Tree Book is used when they are observing the trees that are in the back of the book. But we don't have all those trees in Kentucky, so they only use the ones they are studying in their tree observations. They may go through and introduce the other trees, just for information, but only if they have the time. Not enough time is always the kicker!

    I should get this book written into the lesson plans. Wouldn't that be helpful? I'll put it on my winter list!