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Farmer Boy Lesson 12

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    Farmer Boy Lesson 12

    Farmer Boy, p.33 Enrichment, #6

    I don't know if this goes here or in corrections, but when correcting my son's work today he quickly pointed out to me that the instructions ask him to underline the beginning consonant sounds which are repeated for the alliterations and my TG has Almanzo and Alice underlined. So, he tells me he was going to underline those but decided not to since they are not consonant sounds.

    Does anyone else have an 8yo boy in their life that really, really loves being right about stuff like this??
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    Re: Farmer Boy Lesson 12

    Sounds like the editing department could use an eight year old boy! Thanks for pointing that out!


    Michelle T


      Re: Farmer Boy Lesson 12

      Made me laugh! I have a 7 year old - will send him right over. :-)


        Re: Farmer Boy Lesson 12

        My 8-year-old nitpicker would love your 8-year-old perfectionist. I picture playdates being little more than handing them red pens and allowing them to delight in correcting their workbooks. *cracks up laughing*

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