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LCI present vs. past tense question

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  • jeremiah213
    Grading Quandary


    The endings (o,s,t,mus,tis,nt) are not exclusively present tense endings. They are found in some form in five of the six tenses. I think it wise to grade the translation on its own merit. Is the word translated correctly? If not, I think it'd be good to mark it incorrect. Way to go keeping justice and mercy in tension (Micah 6:6-8) I hope that you come forth with them both like the man who Fears God in Ecclesiastes 7:18

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  • Brigid
    started a topic LCI present vs. past tense question

    LCI present vs. past tense question

    I have just found this site, and appreciate it already!

    My question relates to LC I Test II. In the grammar translation section (F) one of my students translated the Latin to English accurately, except he put it in the past tense. I know that is not correct, but I am wondering whether to count it wrong, or to take off a fraction. Although all the lessons have always used the present tense (and I use the DVDs to teach with), I don't think that the DVDs or I have ever explicitly stated that the o/s/t/mus/tis/nt is present tense. So I am in a quandry about how to grade the test (to be fair). Any advice would be appreciated.