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LCI present vs. past tense question

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    LCI present vs. past tense question

    I have just found this site, and appreciate it already!

    My question relates to LC I Test II. In the grammar translation section (F) one of my students translated the Latin to English accurately, except he put it in the past tense. I know that is not correct, but I am wondering whether to count it wrong, or to take off a fraction. Although all the lessons have always used the present tense (and I use the DVDs to teach with), I don't think that the DVDs or I have ever explicitly stated that the o/s/t/mus/tis/nt is present tense. So I am in a quandry about how to grade the test (to be fair). Any advice would be appreciated.

    Grading Quandary


    The endings (o,s,t,mus,tis,nt) are not exclusively present tense endings. They are found in some form in five of the six tenses. I think it wise to grade the translation on its own merit. Is the word translated correctly? If not, I think it'd be good to mark it incorrect. Way to go keeping justice and mercy in tension (Micah 6:6-8) I hope that you come forth with them both like the man who Fears God in Ecclesiastes 7:18
    Glen Moore