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Third Form Lesson 19 questions

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    Third Form Lesson 19 questions

    We have several questions about this lesson.

    Form drills, Drill A, no. 3. I know the corrections page changes "pretium" to "donum" but we are curious about "pretium." The TM lists that answer as "prize", but the glossary defines it as "price". Which is correct?

    Drill B: no. 1. Epistulam mihi scripsi. Is it also correct to translate this as, "I wrote a letter to myself"?

    No. 7. We are confused about the use of the infinitive here--it's being used just as "blame" and not "to blame." Can you clarify that for us? I think this is one of those sentences we would have figured out going from Latin to English, but we couldn't get it going from English to Latin.

    No. 10. Why is the form "tuti" used? We aren't sure what it is supposed to be agreeing with.

    And in Part IV, Translation, No. 4: Scribe sibi epistulam. Shouldn't it be "tibi"?

    A lot of questions, I know. Thanks for any help!

    You're fine. This forum is for answering questions!

    Drill A, no. 3: "Price" is correct.

    Drill B: no. 1: Absolutely!

    No. 7: Debeo means "to owe, ought" and a literal translation of this sentence would be "You all ought not to blame yourselves." That sounds awkward in English, so the more natural "should blame" is used instead. We didn't include "should" as a meaning for debeo, though, so we will change that to make it clearer how to translate.

    No. 10: This is an error. We have rewritten this sentence to "Guard yourself." (Serva te.)

    Part IV, Translation, No. 4: Yes, good catch!
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      Thank you! Very helpful!