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Henle Latin I- Ex. 175, No. 21

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  • Michael
    Hi Kim,

    The Romans generally did not use the pronouns ego, nos, tu, etc. except for emphasis. We sometimes include it so students can practice using them and recognizing them when they do occur.

    It is not wrong wither to add the pronoun or to only include it in the verb. The answer key usually gives one of the two alternatives, but if you give the other that is fine.

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  • Kim W.
    started a topic Henle Latin I- Ex. 175, No. 21

    Henle Latin I- Ex. 175, No. 21

    FL Greetings to you,

    Taken some time off from our Latin studies and are a little rusty...
    Here's my question:

    In dealing with PRONOUNS, translating from English to Latin, how do you know whether to include the 1st person pronoun, rather than include it in the noun?

    Specifically, Ex. 175, no. 21 says,
    "We are Christians and God's servants."

    The answer includes "nos" for the subject "we" and my student included it in the verb "sumus."

    Thank you,