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Third Form Latin, Unit I Review

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    Third Form Latin, Unit I Review

    This question may already have been asked, and if so, I apologize.

    In the Third Form Latin, Unit I Review, Workbook, p. 48 Translation B:

    Sentence #7 - The knife was hidden. Is this not present system, indicative, imperfect?

    The answer given is "Culter celatus est" which to me would be translated with the perfect passive -- The knife has been hidden.

    Please correct my understanding.

    Thank you.

    Third Form Latin, Unit 1 Review

    Correction to my own post --

    The knife was hidden ---- should this be imperfect passive, "culter celabatur"?

    Obviously, I must be missing something, because I see the same problem with p. 49 Translation C, Sentences #7 and #8.

    The answer key translates with the perfect passive, but it looks like imperfect passive to me.

    Please help! I have to teach this to my students this coming Wednesday at co-op.

    Thank you.
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      The technical translation of the imperfect passive is "was being" while the translation of the perfect is "has been." However, it often sounds better in English simply to say "was." (See the list of tense meanings in the Teacher Manual, Unit I Review.)

      As far as going from English-Latin, if you see "was" you would normally have a context to determine if this is really imperfect or perfect in Latin. Without a context, either tense could be used.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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