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Third Form Lesson 15 Drill G, #8 (p.112)

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    Third Form Lesson 15 Drill G, #8 (p.112)

    The Romans won many battles. Their victories were not easy.
    Ans: Earum victoria non erant faciles.

    My question is why is earum used and not suae?

    If earum is the answer then I have a problem with #7.
    Julia has a horse. Her horse is fast.
    Ans: Equus suus est celer.

    The two sentences look similar to me. So why does one use suus and the other use earum?

    Thank you.


    Forms of is, ea, id (ejus, eorum, earum) are used when the antecedent is NOT the subject of the clause. In the second sentence, "victories" is the subject but "Romans" is the antecedent, so that is why a form of is, ea, id is used. The answer should be eorum, not earum, becuase the antecedent, "Romans," is masculine plural.

    Suus is used when the antecedent IS the subject of the clause. In the first sentence, suus is a typo, because the subject of the sentence is "horse" but the antecedent is "Julia." The correct answer is ejus.

    Sorry for the confusion!