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Kindergarten Animal Alphabet

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  • igalloway
    Hi Ashleystairs, I apologize for the delayed response, but we too tried to find out what this animal was/is, and we couldn't find it either. We contacted the publisher of the Animal Alphabet Coloring Book, but they have lost their notes on the book!

    The coloring book does use various languages for animals, but we're not sure if a different language is being used here or what language is being used in this case.

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  • Ashleystairs
    started a topic Kindergarten Animal Alphabet

    Kindergarten Animal Alphabet

    Okay, this is driving me absolutely crazy. For the letter “U”, there is a picture of an umbi. But, when I try to look up this animal online, I cannot find anything about it. Can someone please help me figure out this animal is so that I can teach my son?