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Ludere Latinae Lesson 14 grammar crossword

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  • Jon Christianson

    While it can indeed be translated as crime, the word culpa (which is in fact the desired word here) is not given this translation in LC or LL. So, a better clue for 6 Across would be "a fault (acc.)". I'll add this as a note for our next reprint, as you're unlikely to be the only one confounded by this!

    - Jon

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  • Mom2mthj
    started a topic Ludere Latinae Lesson 14 grammar crossword

    Ludere Latinae Lesson 14 grammar crossword

    My son and I were working through the lesson 14 grammar crossword today and I am stumped on 6 across “a crime”. I don’t remember seeing crime in the forms series, but especially not in Latina Christiana. I don’t see it in the English to Lain section of the teacher guide. I thought maybe peccatum or debitum, but neither fit. My daughter looked it up in her Latin dictionary and none of the words they gave for crime sounded even slightly familiar. Any help? I don’t typically use the answer key for these and I don’t know where it is. Thanks!