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Logic II, Chapt. 11, Exercise 10 and 12

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    Logic II, Chapt. 11, Exercise 10 and 12

    Exercise 10

    Answer key for second sorites "Regarding trade and human rights:"

    The second proposition in the key, "No country that imprisons its people for political reasons is a country that has respect for human rights", is a negative which should not be the case for either an Aristotelian or Goclenian sorite.

    The last two propositions do not seem to follow the "All A is B, therefore no A is E" structure. China, if it's the "A", should be the subject of the last two propositions. See below from key:

    "China is a country that imprisons people for political reasons"
    "Therefore, we should not give special trade privileges to China."

    I do see that one could convert the last proposition or the second proposition because they are E statements to try to structure it as Goclenian, but I'm getting tangled up. Could you please advise?

    Exercise 12

    "Regarding public schools". The answer key says it is a pure conditional sorites that denies the consequent. I do not find a "not" statement denying something.

    Thank you for your help. My reward for getting through these last few chapters of TL II is to start your rhetoric book which looks great.