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Geography II p. 17

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    Geography II p. 17

    On p. 17 under the Unit 1 Review how is the student supposed to know is that the major city the answer key is wanting is Cape Town? It just has a 4 on South Africa and asks for major city so that could be several different answers.

    That is a very good question. It took me a minute to figure out what we have done here, and it certainly needs to be clarified, so I apologize for your confusion. South Africa currently has 3 capitals, so we didn't want to require students to memorize all 3. Instead, we have focused on Cape Town as a major city since it is the scenic city people are most familiar with. I am adding a note to the teacher guide for the next reprinting that states this, and we need to fix the capital city in the text to read all 3 cities.

    Thanks for pointing this out so we can get it fixed for future users! You have made future homeschoolers' lives a little easier!