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Forms of Latin or LCII?

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    Forms of Latin or LCII?

    When I finish LCI, should I do the new forms of latin course before I do LCII with my children? Or do we do LCII first? Are they meant to be done at the same time? Is the new course as long as LCII or shorter and designed to be a transition thing between LCI and II?

    Thank you.


    I think the best option for you since your children are 10 and 12 is to go from Latina Christiana I to our new First Form curriculum. Then, you could continue through Second-Fourth Forms and be ready to read Latin literature before you know it! First Form has more exercises than LCII, so I think it would do a better job of solidifying the grammar for your children.

    First Form should take your children through one school year if they do one lesson/wk. It would replace LCII for them. LCII is a good program, but First Form will give them more actual written work to do, which I think they are ready for at their ages.

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