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Third Form Latin, Lesson 22, Worksheet 7, Sentence 6

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    Third Form Latin, Lesson 22, Worksheet 7, Sentence 6

    Equis traheretur? in the answer key is translated "Should it have been dragged by the horses?"

    My student and I translated it as "Should it have been dragged to/for the horses?"

    We chose the dative case because we thought the ablative case would have required an a/ab in the question, such as "Ab equis traheretur?" similar to the previous sentence on the worksheet of "A militibus exploraretur?" which translated to "Should it have been explored by the soldiers?"

    So, if the answer key translation is correct, please explain why the a/ab wasn't needed in the question.

    Thank you!

    Hi Sharon,
    After I looked in to it, the Latin should have an "ab" before "equis". This has to do with the Ablative of Agent. While the Ablative of Means (a non-living agent) does not require the preposition, the Ablative of Agent (living agent) does--and horses are living! You can find more about this in the Third Form text, pages 10 and 12.

    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy


      Thank you Paul.