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    Little House Big Woods Guide

    In the Little House in the Big Woods Lit guide, p. 54 requires Classical Phonics book to complete the exercise. We don't have the Classical Phonics book. I suppose I can make a word bank for him to complete the page, but what are we missing from this book? I'm not sure what skills are being practiced here.

    Are there other assignments that require other resources to complete?


    You must have an older Teacher Guide because Classical Phonics is referenced as part of Recommended Phonics in most every lesson. During 2nd grade, when we schedule Little House in the Big Woods, advanced phonograms are reviews and mastered. This aids not only continued growth with reading and gives foundational phonetic skill practice for spelling. Classical Phonics provides the practice of reading words with no context. It is well worth the investment at this level.


      The other resource you will see is the Phonics Flashcards. They are used to show individual phonograms in isolation for the same reasons listed in my previous response.

      Thank you for posting your questions!


        My lit guide was purchased new in March 2019 from Memoria Press. While the pre-reading in the lit guide mentions words from the Classical Phonics book, the word/rule is listed and we discuss and review from our previously used phonics book (and I have him write out word and/or examples on white board). This is our first year with MP; we bought a full core program for 2nd grade for this year.

        This exercise on p. 54 is the first time this year it's required to have another resource to complete the exercise. So far, everything referenced in the lessons could be completed by discussing phonics rules which are not exclusive to a particular phonics book. While I'm sure it is helpful and the Classical Phonics book thorough, we had already completed a great phonics book last year, so I didn't see the need to purchase the Classical Phonics book to only use a reference.

        I'll make a word bank for this exercise from my teacher manual. But are there other exercises where a different resource is actually required to complete the exercise?


          You’re definitely fine to continue subbing. That enrichment exercise just assumes that you’ve been using CP as a resource. If you have younger children coming up, you’ll definitely want CP for them, but in 2nd you’re fine as long as you have another resource (like you do).
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            I should have included you can definitely sub a list you create that practices reading the same type words. As to whether or not there are other exercises that refer to CP, I’m not sure. When I get to my desk Monday, I will check!


              Thank you for looking into it. I don't mean to come off as critical, but I am a bit into detail. I like the knowledge my son (and me too!) is getting from MP and want to get the full benefit from the materials. Y'all have clearly done great work with this curriculum!


                In looking over the guide it seems the exercise you mentioned is the only one that refers to Classical Phonics. When you order a full Core at the 2nd grade level you don't automatically receive a few items that have been in use since Kindergarten. Classical Phonics and the Phonics Flashcards are two of the items included in the New User Add-On set.