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FSR Book C, Reading Assignments and Pacing

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    FSR Book C, Reading Assignments and Pacing

    Hey, I was just wondering if students are expected to read through the complete stories in one sitting. My daughter (6 1/2) doesn't have the stamina yet to do that. She is making progress, and I think is on the right level but is still working hard to sound out probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the words (other than sight words).

    The story on page 47, we split into four sections and read through one section per sitting. We read the story again, and she was able to read more than a couple sections together. The story on page 57, we are just reading one paragraph per sitting. I do think that it is going more easily than the previous story, for some reason.

    Is this typical? Should I be expecting more fluidity or stamina at this point?
    Also, because we're splitting up the reading like this, some days we are stretching over two days. Maybe we could finish the day if we had another school time in the afternoon, but my son (4) then ends up spending a lot of time by himself while I teach her.



    As an answer to your question, yes, the stories are meant to be read in one sitting. But, remember you have one student rather than a class of 10 or more. It is fine to work up to reading the entire story in one sitting. Work towards that. You are schooling at home for the flexibility of letting the curriculum work for you. Keep working on his stamina with oral reading. Remember to read each story 3 times. The first time for decoding, the second for speed and fluency, and the third for expression. The decoding reading will take the longest. Since the other two readings are more familiar it is a good time to add a sentence or two to the oral reading.

    It won’t be long until he is reading the entire selection! Let us know how he is doing in a couple of months. I bet a little more time and practice are going to be what builds longevity!