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Why doesn't my Cursive Copybook I have dashed lines?

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    Why doesn't my Cursive Copybook I have dashed lines?

    I am wondering if I maybe received a misprint on my Cursive Copybook I. After the first few pages, lined pages for my 3rd grader to copy the Bible verse or poem, the pages went to just a top and bottom line, no dashed/dotted line between. This has been very difficult for him, as he has just learned cursive. Even though he can do the work, I'm afraid it is making his penmanship sloppy. Thoughts?
    Thank you,

    Hi, Amber.

    Our Copybook Cursive I does have the dotted lines through p. 45, and then we transition to simple lines like notebook paper. If your book doesn't look like this, I'm not sure what happened! When our students use this book in 2nd grade, they are simultaneously using New American Cursive 2, so they are pretty fluent by the middle of the year when they transition to the simple lines. If your son isn't ready for the transition, you might want to consider having him use the pad of paper with the dotted lines that comes in our K-2nd grade packages. It is $2.50 and can be found at the bottom of the "Individual Items" on the 2nd grade classical core curriculum page.