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Private Messaging

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    Private Messaging

    In order to private message another user on this forum, follow these steps:

    1. Enable Private Messaging on your account
    - Once logged in to the forum, click "Private Messages" on the black header bar.
    - Click "General Settings" on the left under "My Settings."
    - Make sure the option "Private Messaging on" is selected, then scroll to the bottom and click "Save changes."

    2. Send the user a private message
    - Find their username. Generally the easiest way to do this is to find a forum thread where they have posted.
    - Click on their username, and then click "Private Message" when the options pop up.
    - Write your message and then scroll down and click "Submit Message."

    I hope this helps those that want to communicate privately.
    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy