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New here; a little overwhelmed

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    New here; a little overwhelmed

    Next year, I will have a 6th grade girl, 10th grade boy and 12th grade boy (who will be doing mostly college courses) and 2 already graduated. I'm interested in moving to a more classical education for the 2 left at home. We've done some Sonlight in the past but because of the 4 year age difference, that doesn't seem to be a good fit for them. Can anyone hold my hand a bit and help me re-direct? Thanks!


    Hello, and welcome!

    I would recommend that your students follow this plan for classical education: Year 1: Famous Men of Greece and The Trojan War for the 6th grader; Mills' Book of the Ancient Greeks and Homer's Iliad and Odyssey for the 10th grader. They will be studying the same ancient culture, but on their appropriate grade level. For Latin, First Form Latin is best for the 6th grader, and it is fine for the 10th grader if you want to keep them together, but if you want the 10th grader to move more quickly through the Latin grammar, you could do Henle Latin with an online class, or let that student complete First Form Latin in one semester and Second Form in the next semester.

    For the 6th grader, you could move very easily into our complete 6th grade curriculum package. It is a good year to transition to our curriculum. For the 10th grader, it would be great if you could do Greek history and Homer the first year, then do Mills' Book of the Ancient Romans and Vergil's Aeneid the 2nd year, and finally, Mills' Book of the Middle Ages and Dante's Divine Comedy. This alongside the Latin grammar would be a perfect world!