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Youtube reviews of MP books

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    Youtube reviews of MP books

    Hello! If I want to create content of MP books being reviewed and how we use them, do I need to get permission from MP? How do I go about it? Thank you!
    DD - 6 (grade 1 student using MP Preschool by choice)

    tanya Can you answer this?
    Debbie- mom of 7, civil engineering grad, married to mechanical engineer
    DD, 26, BFA '17 graphic design and illustration
    DS, 24, BS '18 mechanical engineering
    DS, 22, BS '20 Chemsitry, pursuing phd at Wash U
    (DDIL married #3 in 2020, MPOA grad, BA '20 philosophy, pusrsing phd at SLU)
    DS, 20, Physics major
    DD, 17, dyslexic, 11th grade customizednMP plus co-op
    DS, 13, future engineer/scientist/ world conquerer 8A
    DD, 7 , 1ST Future astronaut, robot building space artist