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    Coming from the CM method

    We have pretty much always followed the CM method. Not perfectly, but the best we can. I don't like following the premade curriculum plans that are available and planning my own is daunting and the follow through isn't always great. My kids are 16, 14 and 11. My oldest is very smart, but seems "behind" when I come on here and look at samples. He just hasn't done a lot of the answering questions and critical thinking type stuff. With the CM method it's a lot of read, narrate, repeat. CM didn't agree with answering questions about what the child read. However, I see that it is a valuable skill and the older the kids get the more they need a varied skill set. Anyway, I have absolutely no idea how to get started. We are using some Master Books resources this year and we like it, but I have been eyeing MP for a while now. Is it too hard this late in the game to use some of the MP resources?

    Definitely not too late! We came to MP when my oldest was 13 and I know others have come in in high school.

    I’m not quite awake yet, but I wanted I encourage you about using a boxed curriculum. I didn’t want one, either! I’m link-dropping a post I wrote about it:

    I know others will have even more encouragement and tips for you. Hope this helps in the meantime!
    Blog: [url][/url]

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      Originally posted by momto3blessings View Post
      We have pretty much always followed the CM method...Is it too hard this late in the game to use some of the MP resources?
      No, it's certainly not to late -- at least, I hope not (because we are gearing up next year to commit fully to the core curriculums). ? So you are most certainly not alone in this transition.

      We've never had success as "purists" in any homeschooling philosophy; I have always enjoyed piecing together my "own" based on book lists and resources that appeared to fit each child best. Like you, there are some concerns about my children's educations regarding critical thinking and expressing themselves well in writing.

      We have used MP materials throughout the last ten years. While we are yet at high school, it's my impression that many of the materials thus far incorporate many CM tools -- living books, some narrations, and much nature study.

      And some of those who write about the CM method -- like Sally Thomas and Karen Glass -- put Charlotte Mason as an advocate for a liberal arts education, which is the very heart of MP.

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        It's not too late at all, and you should most definitely feel free to adjust things according to your children's needs - buying the whole box is hardly the only option, and many, many parents on this forum just don't. I've never bought a Core Curriculum, I've always chosen the math and spelling I liked, I've skipped some literature choices or done them in different years, I have not always done every single thing in each student guide, and I could go on. Many families seem to come to MP from CM later on, seeking a way of learning that feels a bit more structured, you're hardly alone. Just putting "Charlotte Mason" in the search box will give you a ton of results, covering many different topics: look at this recent post, for instance. My advice would be to have a look at the Scope and Sequence, in a 30,000ft kind of way, without getting overwhelmed, but just so you can see where MP wants students to go. Which things would you like your kids to study next? For instance, what kind of literature do you imagine for each? See what MP has available and take the time to look at individual books you may be interested in through the samples available on the website. And you can always post more specific questions
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