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    We have been homeschooling for 11 years. I have always used a hodge podge of curriculum. The problem with that is that we haven't been real consistent. I love the Charlotte Mason approach, but I see where using that alone is not feasible for my family. We love good literature, but always fail when trying to use strictly a literature based curriculum. The kids tend to pick good books to read for enjoyment when we are not using literature for everything. It seems the Charlotte Mason method of using mostly living books has the opposite affect on my kids in terms of growing their love for reading. We have been pretty relaxed homeschoolers to this point, but I see now where more consistency and challenge would have been better. I have had my eye on MP for a really long time. It just seems confusing to me to know where to start since we are coming to it late. My kids are 15, 13 and 10(11 next week). My oldest is smart, but not a driven student. He has a genetic eye disease that will eventually claim his sight. He struggles with reading smoothly and stumbles on his words a lot. He is also not great at spelling. My daughter is the middle and she is highly driven. Completely the opposite of her older brother. I won't have a hard time placing her. My youngest is extremely bright, but not really a fan of school. He gets his work done, but would much rather be drawing or building with Legos. I am needing to add more structure to our days, but don't want them to be completely taken over with book work either. I need somewhat of a schedule and structure to keep myself accountable. I guess I am just wondering if MP would be a good fit this late in the game. We wouldn't be using full cores. Possibly for my youngest, but I would more than likely choose here and there for certain subjects, probably adding more in as we go.
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    I'm not sure why you haven't gotten any replies to this post. This is unlike our bunch over here! It could be that I did something wrong when I approved your post. Hopefully, my reply will show up! This is a test to see if others can see your post once I have posted.

    It is never too late to start with our curriculum. We will help you place your children where they should be. We do this all the time. And if you haven't done any Latin and would like to pick this up, we have one Latin course that would do for all your children, so they could do it together. And however much you get done - even for your oldest student - will be better than doing none.

    Why don't you let us know what subjects you are actually interested in with MP, and we will make some recommendations for where to place your students.



      Hi! Iā€™m brand new to MP and will start next year with grade 7 and grade 3. My son is my youngest and also loves Legos. šŸ˜Š I will echo what Tanya wrote about about contacting MP to get their help with placement. They were very helpful with me!
      2020-2021 Eighth year homeschooling, first year using MP cores!
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        Hello, and welcome! Yes, it's overwhelming to choose a different course, and to try to understand how to approach it: I like to attach this pdf here for new families, which is the MP Scope and Sequence for the core curriculum, up until 10th grade. It details which books are used and the skills and knowledge the student will acquire during the year, so it can serve as a placement guide if you compare it with where each of your children are in each subject and what they are ready for; it's very useful even when a family will not use the cores as they are. Feel free to ask specific questions in the K-8th and 9th-12th forums - you will certainly get a lot of answers. The MP yearly conference for parents has gone online this year, and you should strongly consider registering. There are videos available for past conferences here: you can find talks on how to teach each of the subjects in different stages of schooling (elementary, middle, high school), and you will get to know more about MP online classes, if they're an option for your family.
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          Hello and welcome to the Memoria Press forum. With it being a holiday weekend and families finishing up their school years, it may take a bit for others to reply to your post. I concur with tanya and Mrs Bee - definitely consider virtually attending the MP summer conference. It is practically an all-win no-brain cost-effective decision this year to do so at $25. Also, the scope and sequence document Mrs Bee posted is super helpful. If you are not subscribed yet, MP sends out The Classical Teacher four times a year which is immensely helpful not only with the articles but for the descriptions of the curriculum within and the big fold-out curriculum map that shows what each grade looks like in a brief yet helpful fashion.

          To answer your specific questions at the end, just take a look at an MP curriculum guide for any grade. The MP curriculum guides will give you all the schedule and structure you crave to keep you accountable. And as for the late start, anything good is worth doing, no matter when you get to it. I think the parable of Jesus about the vineyard workers getting the full day's wage no matter when they began work is a helpful reminder to me in this area.

          As you work through these materials and think more about what is best for your children, momto3blessings, make sure to come back and ask any specific questions you may have. There are many helpful parents and MP staff on here with a great amount of knowledge and experience that have been a blessing to me and I am sure they will be for you too.
          2020/2021 - 3rd MP Year
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