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    New to Homeschooling with MP

    Hi...I'm in Australia and about to start our homeschooling journey with MP curriculum - three children Grades 5, 3 and 1. My concern is covering all the content as the schedule provided is for full days and homeschooling three different age/year levels - how do others in a similar situation do it...any tips? We are starting at the beginning with Latin so will cover that as a family - are there any other subjects that you have found can be integrated well to suit the needs of three different ages?

    Hi Dianne,

    Others who will have better advice and have more experience than me will no doubt answer your question with better and more specific advice...but I wanted to reply here because I am also from Australia! Where do you live? We are in Sydney. I know 2 other mums using MP here too.

    I do use MP for 3 kids similar in age to yours, but not 3 full cores. This will be the 4th year we are using MP. We are using MP5 for my 10yo (started this week!), finishing SC1 for my 7yo with special needs and my 4.5yo is going through the K phonics program (followed by a read aloud and Artventure - you might know what this is being from Australia). Despite MP5 being a recent change, we have a familiar routine that we keep falling back to.

    Because of the differing needs that I have in my family I haven't been able to make combined lessons work sustainably. So I teach my kids one at a time. I get my 10yo to start working on what she can do independently while I work first with my 7yo. He struggles to pay attention so I try to take advantage of him being fresh in the morning while I get my 4yo to 'babysit' (i.e. entertain) my 2yo. Then I do 'lessons' with my 4yo (while my 7yo minds the 2yo) and finally I sit down with my 10yo to go through her work with her, including doing FFL alongside her. (Today I got her to mark my workbook! She sure loved it that she got to take a half mark off my work haha!). Last year this was at least 1 1/2 hours - and I'm not sure how this will go as the year progresses. She needs a lot of help with some things that she struggles with, and there are other things she *could* do on her own, that I just don't want to make an issue about...or we enjoy doing together. She could do FMR mostly on her own this year, but it's nice to be doing this together.

    There have been some times when I've managed to be super motivated and get us working really hard early in the morning and be through all lessons by lunchtime. But the reality is that apart from a short playground visit or two each day (we live in an apartment), speech therapy, a library visit and an afternoon homeschool playground meetup once a week, our days are really taken up by our schoolwork. Actually I should say my days are. My 4yo and 7yo in particular get a lot of free time to play Lego or colour in/do what interests them.

    I hope you have a good start to your new school year.
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      I also rotate through the kids. I mark with a dot each day's assignments that my third grader is to complete on her own as "independent work" and once she is done with those, she can do Prodigy math on the ipad or play with her preK brother. Likewise, I set out my Kindergartner's work that she needs to complete independently (an untimed math drill sheet and some copywork) while I first do a tiny bit of preschool with the preschooler (while the eldest is also doing her independent work). After I finish with the preschooler, I move on to the Kindergartner, and once she is done, I move onto the third grader. I let them have some trail mix during their math time as it lets use delay lunch till 1 and we are mostly done with school by then. Today, for instance, I let them have a play break while I did some cooking this morning to prep for our camping trip, and so this afternoon, I need to do Latin with the third grader and Enrichment with the K'er now :-) It will all work out, schedule and timing wise, but it might take a few "trial schedules" to figure out what works best for your family.
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        There's a great video from the 2019 Sodalitas gathering about the transition to grammar school. In it, they talk about negotiables (studies that can be done casually or set aside for now) and non-negotiables (studies that need our focus). It was a great perspective for this mom of many!
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          Welcome! I like the idea I've seen of combining Christian Studies (maybe group the 3rd/5th both into book 1?) And reading it as a family, discussing it as a family using the guide, then being done. It doesn't have to go into your school day. One mom said she delegated this to dad.

          You can also do a rolling start and start your oldest one week, then add younger siblings one per week. Just give yourself plenty of time to get in the other side of the learning curve. That are such great grades. You'll love the content!
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            Thank you everyone for your responses - all great suggestions which I will take on board! The link to the video suggestion sounds like just what I need to watch to start with. After I sent my original post yesterday a spent a good few hours going through each child's pack and am feeling a lot better about how I'm going to manage it, but I'm open to being flexible and making changes to the routine as we go because it is a complete change of pace for us. Looking forward to getting started now.

            Great to hear from another Aussie! We live in Townsville, North Queensland.