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    Scheduling and teaching

    Hello, so as I am trying to implement memoria curriculum, I am nervous with some books, such as teaching Latin and poetry, while the teacher books give answers, I am looking to see if they also give suggestions on leading questions, or even explanations to answers, as I've studied neither course, I appreciate and want to teach these to my children. I also wonder how to come up with a weekly schedule, does one teach every subject every day? With having 3 kids with special learning needs, I teach each individually, while I do hope to combine in history, classical and maybe geography I do usually have to go off script to bring in visuals, manipulative, suggestions on how many days a week each subject should be taught/ worked on? Thank you

    First, welcome!

    Second, check out Simply Classical. It's Memoria Press for special needs kiddos. A lot of those special visuals and manipulatives you mentioned are already included. Yay!

    Third, every course has a schedule. If you stick to the grade level, the curriculum guide for that grade will list every assignment out on a daily basis for each course. If you want to pick and choose courses, maybe because your kids don't fit into a tidy grade-level package, you can purchase a pdf of just that course's schedule.

    Fourth, several courses have video instruction as an option. Latin, for example, has a DVD that you can purchase that will guide each weekly lesson. It's not something you watch every day, we watch it at the beginning of the week to introduce that week's lesson. It helps me with pronunciation and vocabulary.

    Feel free to ask lots of questions. Welcome to MP!
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