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Older beginners: Classical composition vs. classical writing and diagramming, etc.

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    Older beginners: Classical composition vs. classical writing and diagramming, etc.

    Hi, just for context I'll explain a bit.

    We've been trying to implement a classical education for some time. I tried for years with teaching the trivium. With several little ones, my own crumby education, my own sin, confusion, and serveral big life changes I just couldn't organize everything. I was so discouraged and pulled in so many directions.

    I read through the Latin centered curriculum (thank you Honey)a loved the simplicity. We love how organized and laid out memoria press is and how, if anyone inquires with a critical eye I can point them to the curriculum catalogue (inc. Their Latin and Greek), the books they read... and typically they're shocked.

    ​​ In LCC he recommended classical writing first, I read reviews, appreciated the primer series for my littles, loved the idea of Harvey's for grammer (TTT recommends delaying formal grammar until they're older so we are weak here), and how it does diagramming... everything from the ground up for "older beginners". So I bought two for my older two thinking we'd start from there and fill in any gaps. Seemed all around good and all encompassing. Perfect.

    Except for one thing.

    It depends heavily on the teacher's (that's me folks!) Knowledge of these things (gulp!), More than I expected. Also, there isn't anything that lays out a correct answer (or something of the sort). I've always loved learning with my children, and thought maybe I could manage it but... It's a slow go. Think it's so full of potential and a wonderful curriculum. But I have other responsibilities. My Husband's a full-time ministry student, our home, 8 children, ones an infant, ones a beautiful and lively 5 yr old with downs, a 3 year old with type one diabetes (hello 24/7 monitoring, long stressful interruptions and sudden borderline emergencies), and of the 8, six are 8 and under. I love love being a wife, mother, and homemaker. But I hate having to make my older two wait until I can figure out if what we circled are actually nouns and what kind and we're is the key to check them!?

    I love how the Latin dvds teach it without the risk of my lack leaving something out. The C dvds are really appealing.

    I explained it all to my Husband and he prefers to stick mainly with memoria press curriculum anyway. So gracious. I hated the idea of spending more money.

    But, does CC do diagramming? What gaps will there be if we switch assuming that my older two need to be brought up to speed. Does anyone know of a good comparison between the two? I'm thinking we will continue with the Harvey's grammar portion, they are doing phonetic zoo from the beginning, they read well above their 'level' and comprehension of even adult weighty books is great (thank you Lord for the puritans and my Husband's love of theology and books). We started them in basic Greek and latina Christiana to help the build confidence and a foundation before first form.

    We are aiming to do LCC for older beginners on memoria press curriculum with some stuff from Kevin Swanson for the most part.

    Oh, goodness! God bless you for writing such a concise, eloquent post with 8 adorable children vying for your attention. I'm not sure I could have done that once upon a time with only three littles hanging around!

    I will take a stab at this on only half a cup of coffee just so you have an answer to hold you until the Real Mothers Who Know have a minute to chime in.

    First, in the MP curriculum, students will get a lot of practice diagramming sentences in their Latin lessons. The English Grammar Recitation (EGR) series will tackle all of the grammar and punctuation (and that program really does it well!) and you will have a teacher guide for both - no more guessing. MP Latin and EGR give a *solid* foundation in English grammar.
    The Classical Composition writing series focuses on, well, writing. There is no sentence diagramming or grammar in that program - it assumes a child has either taken or is taking concurrently requisite grammar classes. There are DVDs that go with it; however, we have not used them (yet).

    Now, a few questions before I blather on:

    1. How old are your two oldest children?
    2. I am not familiar with LCC. I have seen the book, but assumed it was something similar to The Well Trained Mind. Is it a full curriculum?
    3. When you say you plan to do LCC for beginners with MP, will you be using full cores? If not, do you know what you'll be choosing to use? That would be super helpful in guiding you well.


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