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    It often seems to arise on social media that people suggest copying workbooks for various reasons- mainly two reasons- they feel it is cheaper or their students want to write on flat paper rather than a bound workbook. Where can I find Memoria Press’ official rules on what is reproducible and what is not? I generally council that anything from the TG or quiz books is reproducible (based on the fact that you give us digital downloads of those), but that student guides and workbooks are not. If I had an official statement from MP on copyright and what is legally allowed to be photocopied and what is not that would be a big help in moderating groups online. Thanks!
    Debbie- mom of 7, civil engineering grad, married to mechanical engineer
    DD, 25, BFA '17 graphic design and illustration
    DS, 23, BS '18 mechanical engineering
    DS, 21, chemistry major
    DS, 18, Physics major
    DD, 15, dyslexic, 10th grade customizednMP plus co-op
    DS, 12, super squirmy, possible dysgraphia, MP 7A
    DD, 6 , K- finally one who seems to like drawing and writing- first one since my oldest!


    You are correct on all counts. The pdf downloads we offer you can be copied multiple times for students, but they should not be shared outside your family. Student workbooks are not reproducible, but if you need flat paper for a student within your family or have a situation with a student that needs the books enlarged - some kind of extenuating circumstance - we would allow for that within your family. We have made our workbooks as affordable as possible. That was a high priority for Cheryl Lowe. She wanted our curriculum to be accessible. So we have done the best we can do, and we thank you for helping us honor that. We know that homeschoolers are basically honest people, so we aren't overly concerned about being taken advantage of. But we appreciate your wanting to clarify our policy, and we appreciate your helping us on social media! You are doing your part for Western Civilization! We couldn't be nearly as effective without the help of you and our other forum/social media voices!



      Good evening Debbie,

      I just wanted to briefly add that if it would ever help, we do have an online statement of our Copyright and Trademark Notice to which you can refer someone.

      Memoria Press