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Learning to write, for myself!

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    Learning to write, for myself!

    I received a homeschool education, went to college and earned my degree, was an average student, but generally did well in composition and English classes. However, I have recently been frustrated with the fact that my grammar is lacking as well as sentence structure and effective content. I was very skilled at "BS-ing" my way through papers to make them a certain length in college, and was rewarded in doing so by receiving decent grades for those papers. Basically, I was being rewarded for effort and basic content, and I learned very little in the way of creating depth to my content.

    My question is, how can I learn to write properly now as an adult? I love to write, research, formulate ideas, etc. However, my writing is rudimentary and not at the level I would like it to be. I need to go back to some basics, like grammar, and how to write well. Are there resources for adults to learn to write well? Classes?

    I thought about simply going back to an 8th grade level and ordering books and workbooks?

    What about pairing English Grammar Recitation with Classical Composition Fable? Start at the beginning and go on from there! I firmly believe any writer can improve by going through Classical Composition. If you want more grammar work, then Rod and Staff English 8 is the weighty tome you are looking for.
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