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    Searching orders

    Wondering if there is an easy way to search for one item in my list of a million orders? At this point in our MP journey, I've placed so many orders over the years that it takes a good chunk of time to click through each order to see if I indeed did order something and just can't find it in the great depths of the homeschool closet, or if my eager students may have "borrowed" it .

    2020/21 7th year with MP
    DS 16: 11th, MPOA, HSC, Dual Enrolled
    DD 13: 9th, MPOA Diploma Program
    DD 9: mix of MP 5, Seton, HSC, MPOA Latin,
    Twin DD's 7: mix of MP 2, Seton

    Good afternoon Katie,

    Unfortunately, there are no tools on the customer end that will search for products within orders. However, we may be able to use some of our employee-exclusive tools to search within orders. If you'd like to send me your MP account email and the item(s) you're looking for, I'd be happy to do some research and see what's possible. You can PM me or email

    Memoria Press