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    Good morning everyone,

    As you've probably noticed, we've upgraded the forum! One of the new features is the ability to prominently display a profile picture. If you would like to add one, here are directions:

    When you are logged into the forum, click on your username in the upper-left corner and then, in the drop-down menu that appears, click "My profile." On the next screen, hover your mouse over the empty profile picture and a little box that says "Edit Avatar" should appear. Click on the box and you can add a picture.
    Let us know if you have any questions about adding a profile picture or any other issues related to the updated forum. We hope you like this new version!
    Memoria Press

    Thank you!

    DD1 8/23/09 - SC5/6
    DS2 9/1/11 - SC3,4, 5/6 combo
    DD3 2/9/13 -SC2 to start, MP1 second semester

    Previous Years
    DD 1 (MPK, SC2 (with AAR), SC3, SC4’
    DS2 (SCB, SCC, MPK, SC2)
    DD3 (SCA, SCB, Jr. K workbooks, soaking up from the others, MPK)


      How fun to be able to see everyone!
      Blog: [url][/url]

      2019-2020 Plans:

      MP10 Lit, MP-Holt Biology, Light to the Nations II, Spanish
      MPOA: Algebra I, High School Comp II

      As above, plus:
      MP Greek Tragedies; no Spanish
      MPOA: Fourth Form Latin

      DS12: 7M subbing Sea to Shining Sea for American history

      DS11: Simply Classical Level 4

      DD9: 3A, with First Form Latin (long story!)

      DD7/8: Simply Classical Level 3

      DD 4/5: Simply Classical Level C (NT using SC for two-year PreK due to January birthday)