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Quantitative Rule II in TL I

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  • spiland

    Thank you for the question! Both are correct. What is in the key is just another way of saying the same thing.

    I'm having someone look into the corrections page issue.


    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy

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  • Greek Mama
    started a topic Quantitative Rule II in TL I

    Quantitative Rule II in TL I

    IN Chapter 11, Question 2 were asked for the seven rules for validity.
    In the text Rule III is listed as:
    "If a term is distributed in the conclusion, then it must be distributed in the premises."

    But in the answer key it is written as:
    "If a term is not distributed in the premises, then it must not be distributed in the conclusion."

    Now this may be an interesting logic conversion problem in the future book--maybe it's saying the same thing in a contradictory way--but I don't want to take any chances learning it the wrong way. So which is the correct version?

    Also, I couldn't find a correction link at the bottom of the Traditional Logic I webpage, as was mentioned in another post.