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Errors in Logic Answer Key

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    Errors in Logic Answer Key

    We've just started uning Book 1 and are finding it difficult due to differences between the Text and the Answer Key.

    For example, in Day 2 of the Introduction, Question 16 asks for information that isn't answered yet in the book, and won't be until two more sections have been read. Of course, I realize that the whole chapter was to be skimmed on the first day, but the student was told to read quickly and not expect to understand everything. But in the section he's supposed to read carefully, this material isn't given.

    Next, in the Text Question 17 is listed under the questions for Day 3, but the answer is given in the previous reading -- and, in the Answer Key Question 17 is shown to be in Day 2's lesson (where it does fit in with the material).

    We also noticed an issue that has to do simply with typesetting, but was confusing when I read the instructions quickly, before handing them to my son. The assignment for Day 2 was clearly presented when it said to read two sections, and had them written as separately quoted titles with an "and" between them outside the quotation marks: Read "Truth, Validiity and Soundness" and "The Components of an Argument." However, the assignment for Day 3 was written very differently as it tied together the titles of the two sections as if they were one "Term and Proposition." Therefore, I thought my son only had one section to read, not two. As I look ahead, on Day 4, next to the words "Read them carefully," the student is told to read "Syllogism and Conclusion" while there is no section with that name, it's "Summary."

    Is there any place where errors such as these have been listed, so I can be forewarned?


    Chapter 1 errors


    Thanks for pointing these out. They will be corrected in the next revision. There are a couple of errors others have pointed out later in the book, which are posted on our site at the bottom of the page for Traditional Logic, Book I.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Martin Cothran